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In order to create your own CAPSalbum, your coins need to fit into ‘A’, ‘T’ or ‘H’ sized AirTite Brand capsules.
Do you have your coins in AirTite Brand Capsules or do you know what AirTite capsules you need?

Hint: We recommend that you know exactly what capsules your coins will fit into. If you are not sure, you may want to order a few to test them before ordering a custom album.

There are currently three sizes of caps pages. The AT 30A can accomodate 30 A sized AirTite Capsules. The AT 20T can accomodate 20 T sized AirTite Capsules, and the AT 16H can accomodate 16 H sized AirTite Capules.

Hint: If your collection has coins of varying sizes, you may want to consider re-holdering you coins in uniform size holders. Example: Your collection consists of coins in 33A sized holders, 4 T Sized holders and 6 H sized holders. You could assemble a four page album - 30 A sized holders in first page, 3 A sized holders on the second page, 4 T sized holders in the third page, and 6 H sized holders in the fourth page. Obviously, you would have a lot of unused spaces and three of the pages.

OR, you could put 30 A sized holders on your front page, and then re-holder you remaining 3 A sized coins and 4 T sized coins into H sized holders, and then put all 13 of your coins on one H sized page. You would have a two page album with only 3 empty spaces on the second page.

CAPS albums accomodate three sizes of AirTite capsules: A size, T size and H size.

A Specs

Outside Dim : 30.93mm
Inside Dim : 25.05mm
Inside Depth : 1.57mm
Coin Sizes : 10-22mm

T Specs

Outside Dim : 36.49mm
Inside Dim : 31.41mm
Inside Depth : 2.03mm
Coin Sizes : 12-27mm

H Specs

Outside Dim : 44.45mm
Inside Dim : 39.37mm
Inside Depth : 3.17mm
Coin Sizes : 13-36mm

There are two styles: direct fit and ringed holders. The direct fit holders are designed for common US coin denominations and bullion coins.

The direct fit holders come in these sizes:

  • A-16 designed for 1/10 ounce gold and platinum eagles with a 16.5mm diameter.
  • A-18 are designed for dimes with a diameter of 17.9mm.
  • A-19 are designed for cents with a diameter of 19mm.
  • A-21 are designed for nickels with a diameter of 21.2mm.
  • A-22 are designed for 1/4 ounce gold and platinum eagles with a diameter of 22mm.
  • A-24 are designed for quarters with a diameter of 24.3mm.
  • A-26 are designed for small dollars with a diameter of 26.5mm
  • T-30 are designed for half-dollars with a diameter of 30.6mm
  • H-27 are designed for half-ounce gold and platinum eagles with a diameter of 27mm.
  • H-32 are designed for one ounce gold and platinum eagles with a diameter of 32.7mm.
  • H-34 are designed for $20 gold pieces with a diameter of 34mm.
  • H-38 are designed for dollars with a diameter of 38.1mm.
  • H-39 are designed for coins with a diameter of 39.37mm.
  • H-40 are designed for silver eagles with a diameter of 40.6mm.

Ringed holders are designed to accomodate coins from 10mm to 36mm in diameter. Rings come in one millimeter increments. To get the correct ring size for your coins, always round down to the next whole millimeter. By the way, we have Coin Measuring Guages.

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CAPS Albums are designed to be used with A, T or H sized AirTite holders.

At this time, there is not a CAPS Album that can accommodate your collection. We hope to introduce CAPS Albums to accommodate I, X, Y and Z sized capsules soon. We're sorry we can't help you today.